10 Erotic Spanking Stories That’ll Drive you Horny till you’re Wet

Remember 50 Shades of Grey. These erotic spanking stories will drive you mad.

Spanking maybe something fun and flirty, or move so much as severe and painful. Some people find joy in pain, and there is no doubt in that.

From the Kama Sutra, what people mostly use as a how-to tantric gender, there is an entire collection of different places JUST for spanking. That means it’s possible to get your nut each evening and never get bored!

But if you want some inspiration, here are some excerpts from brief sensual stories about spanking that will make you itch for your flog.

Naughty girls… love! *wink*

1. Spank me Story (by Mr Racy)

erotic spanking stories

“She switched into the sofa and put her hands on the arm, bending forward. Dave put his hand on her bum, massaging it gently. The feeling was tender and erotic, and she’s relaxed. The very first slaps were light on her skin, only pops and teases. She relaxed farther and allowed her head to float across the senses.

Mia didn’t register the strikes were tougher before the initial jolt of pain transferred throughout her body, slipping along her nerves, her up the spine, and to her head, shooting the erotic haze that filled her.

The sound of flesh striking flesh pierced her ears and also the jolt of a more challenging attack moved through her entire body. Dave alternated between her bum cheeks, every attack thinner, tighter, and faster than the one before it.

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Her body shivered with every attack as her head awakens at the pain of every attack, sharp, hot, and severe. The sensation of his hands stroking her skin left the warmth between her thighs soar, and she desired, evermore. The growth in pain brought it, and her stimulation only made her buttocks more sensitive. “

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2. The Doctor’s Wife (by Over The Desk)

Erotic romance novel | The Doctor's Wife

“Almost before she could recover her breath, the fourth landed in her crease, which makes Katie shout out loud as she fought with the’oh so sharp’ pain. She had been whimpering and constantly gasping today, her marvellous underside making continuous adjustments.

James worked his way up her butt trying to not land any strokes at the top of earlier ones as he didn’t need to be severe. There was barely any space for the last one that he resolved to make tight and low. He did, and it led to a sharp shout from Katie since it had discovered the place just beneath the overhang, for the next time!

Her fascination about the cane was well and genuinely pleased, and she felt no need to climb to her feet and so incur additional strokes!

“You will get up whenever you’re prepared,” explained James.

Katie independently unlocked himself out of the place she needed to embrace and awakened. She couldn’t endure rubbing her sore butt but gained some relief by cradling both lips and gently nursing them.”


3. The Ex- Student’s Revenge (by Lush Stories)

stories that are erotic | Ex Student's Revenge

She then placed her thumbs in the elastic of her knickers and appearing down them.

Ms Brown winced as he stepped from her knickers and observed Lindsay place them on the desk. She also appeared at Lindsay’s lap and noticed the hem of her gown had climbed up and her wrists were almost entirely bare. She had a pang of memory when she remembered that she’d also had feelings for Lindsay.

She’d just been 16 years old at the time, but she discovered her an amiable young woman that worked hard and has been sweet-natured. She recalled being not able to restrain her rage at the time but afterwards spanking and caning her she didn’t have regrets.

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She wished to say sorry so many times but just couldn’t bring herself to do it. She was looking down in Lindsay’s bare legs and saw she had been the young girl. She was she currently someone that she fancied.

Ms Brown had mixed feelings of fear of being penalized but also feelings of guilt for what she’d done and emotions of enthusiasm, and she looked in the angry young girl sitting on the seat. She understood she needed to hand more control to Lindsay. “

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4. Your Ass is Mine (by Lush Stories)

Your Ass is Mine Erotic Spanking Stories

Smack! Smack! Three blows in quick succession and if they were not painful, they amazed me, which was why I responded the way I did, calling out of shock and shock. I heard him chuckle from where he stood behind me and I could feel he was grinning, enjoying this.

I had been on my belly, my hands tied to the bed frame using a few of my most scarves, the soft cloth atmosphere comforting yet menacing in precisely the same moment. I flinched when he awakened a gentle hand over the sensitive region where he’d spanked me. It had been his mixture of soft and demanding, enjoyment and pain that kept me on my feet and kept me guessing. It was something that I loved.

Gradually he chose to rub my bum with a gentle hand, and I relented somewhat and relaxed. The moment I relaxed, he awakened me. Smack!

I could not deny how stimulating this was to me personally, and he understood that. He ran two hands up and down my slit, teasing feeling moist and turned on I had been by all this.

He rubbed the two palms over my bum, over the reddish area from where he’d spanked me. Smack! He spanked me , my ass biting and feeling somewhat tacky. “

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5. Lecture Punishment (by Flog Master Stories)

Dr Derrier’s warning of tripping must have been a psychological hint to torment the woman, or he found that he was more healthy than he anticipated, and no remainder as needed.

On and about the paddling went. Nevertheless, the paddle did not stop. Every blow almost knocked the poor woman over. However, the paddle did not care.

Fifi was sobbing now; her body fell round the couch arm. She no longer cared for anything except the conclusion of her punishment. Her ass moved with no will, today, jiggling with dread and pain even if the paddle was not striking.

At 50, she cried and moaned loudly, arching her back, each portion of her begging for mercy. The final ten were more complicated than walloping the tender lower part of her buttocks and the tops of her thighs. The pain must have been magnificent, but Fifi did not even respond. She had been in a different world, panting and crying. “

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6. A Good Spanking Story (by Juicy Sex Stories)

“I could feel my juices running down my thighs I was so fearful, so sexy and so lost in the moment. He advised me to take my skirt off and put on his lap. I dis because I had been informed. Just my thin panties hid my womanhood.

“Before I do so you need to understand you can’t break any more rules.”

“I will not Mr Thompson, thank you,” I mentioned.

My mind dangled between my arms as I lay over his lap, my bum perched high in the atmosphere. Mr Sung was observing closely that just turned me on longer.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

I felt that the stings as Mr Thompson’s hand came down to my lips — severe and persistent. He moved from 1 cheek to another, not hitting one place permanently.

The tears begin to fall inquire the juice dripped out of my hole. I’d lost count of the number of blows — convinced it was not going to finish but not wanting it to stop. “

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7. A Spanking (by Literotica)

 A Spanking | Literotica

“I believe your hand start to softly stroke my buttocks, out of down my back to my knees, your palms gently trail. I sigh.

Subsequently from no where your hand lands SMACK in my bum. I gasp, yet another slap drops. Not so hard in the beginning, only jolt making me moan, but getting tougher since you rain blows all of the way from the very top of my buttocks down my thighs into my knees.

Light stingy slaps and heavy heavy thuds. The dense thuds, on this sweet spot between buttocks and thigh, make me shout, and trickle, the maximum.

Every now and you pause and stroke me gently and tenderly, and this also makes me moan loudly. Particularly when your palms trail between my thighs and slide on the wetness accumulated there.

If your palms reach my clit, I buck and squirm on your lap, and understand you’re enjoying this up to me once I feel how tough you’re. Your palms tease and pinch my clit, and if you eliminate them, my entire body attempts to follow with you of its own accord. You slip a wet finger in my ass, in and out, exquisitely gradually, till I moan and grind my clit against the leg.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK again, your hand spanking hard and fast today, until I’m yelling, both by the pain and out of frustration. Tears run off my anus.

Your hand that was holding up my head moves into my spine and wraps around me to hold me down and prevent me wriggling off your lap.

Oh God, I want you so much today. I’m wondering how this can stop. “

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8. Confession (Hot Bottom Stories)

“James attracted the rotating shaft of the whip down across Maria’s upraised bottom.

James gave her a stroke every couple of minutes, every stroke leaving a faint red line across her buttocks. Maria tried to take into consideration the things that she’d done to make herself a spanking new, but while the whip burnt across her butt, she could think about was how much it hurt.

Soon she crying softly to the terrycloth of her tolerate. James gave her a stroke close to the lower curve of her buttocks, in which the skin was sore in the paddling he’d given her. She pushed her thighs, clenching her buttocks, squirming because the flame of this whip stroke burnt across her buttocks.

“You know better than this, enjoy”, James educated her. “You have just earned yourself the following two strokes.”

Maria transferred back to the middle of the cushions, her thighs with her buttocks pushed down.

“Thighs disperse and find up that bottom”, James ordered.

“keep that butt nice and large for me.”

She cried again but was able to remain in place, pushing her butt upward, offering it for your whip. She was able to stay in place for the following six strokes when James gave her yet another tricky stroke around the lower curve of her buttocks. “

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9. Maria knew that she needed a spanking.

“I wanted to enjoy the moment as I slowly lowered my skirt into the ground to show my thong. My boss pulled me flipped me around and began kissing my ass. It felt fine, and I felt that my thong is getting moist.

With a force that he pulled my thong to the ground and I stood nude in front of him feeling like a slut, but that I wished to maintain my job. He took the time to observe my own body from every angle.

‘My God, Rose, that you get a terrific body. But we’re not here to earn love. You’re here for your punishment,’ he said, caressing my buttocks.

He gradually bent me over the desk and spread my thighs wide apart. I could believe myself popping out behind. He took the paddle out and spanked my white ass. The pain was so excruciating that I cried, but bizarrely, it felt fine. “

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10. Watching Me (by Fantasies)

I was feeling the thong go farther into my ass because it had been stretched by me bending over the bed. My face pressed to the mattress with no hands to encourage me and hold me up.

Then it struck me. It took a moment for the delight to take over following the first bite of their leash. It had been his favourite toy to use to flip my ass red, aside from his hand. Then I was distracted from my head since the leash struck.

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This lasted for a couple of minutes of me as he diverse in both speed and strength along with his lashes. I could tell this eager him as much as it excited me since I felt his cock against my leg. Rock hard. But earlier than I enjoyed, it had been over, and I began to return out of my pain and enjoyment when he started to kiss my shoulders—making me shiver with desire. He pulled on the collar, which makes me grow from the mattress. “

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