75 Orgasm-driving Dirty Talking to Your Boyfriend Quotes

What kind of dirty talking to your boyfriend quotes appears sexier the most? I’ll show you today.

Sending dirty text messages is a romantic way to talk dirty to your man when you’re not around or in a long-distance relationship.

We have several reasons to send dirty talking quotes to boyfriend:

  • To leave him thinking about you when you can’t be together.
  • To build sexual tension. More about that here.
  • To arouse him. Find out how to make a man horny.
  • To tease him (get tips).

This way, you will never be far from his thoughts. When you’re finally together, he’ll be desperate to tear your clothes off and have sex. Thus, you should view dirty texts as another foreplay technique. It can help get you horny, too.

Dirty Talking to Your Boyfriend Messages and Quotes

Dirty Talking to Your Boyfriend Messages

I realize that the most powerful use of dirty messages is to keep him thinking about it. Here’s an example that you can send him:

“I had been thinking about you as I was falling asleep.”

My most powerful sex tricks and hints aren’t on this site. If you would like to access them and provide your fan back-arching, toe-curling, screaming orgasms that can keep them sexually obsessed with you, you can find these secret sex techniques in my private and discreet newsletter. You’ll also find out the five dangerous mistakes which will destroy your sex life and relationship. Get it.

Messages like this aren’t too direct, precisely like a few of those dirty talking phrases I’ve written about previously. You will also see that they don’t need to be sexual . The purpose is to get him thinking and wondering about you, while also telling him something that he would want to hear.

These dirty text messages are split into three classes. “X” text messages are the least messy, but there are not that many of these since there are similar cases throughout the Bad Girls Bible. For example, read this if you would like to learn how to flirt with a man over text.

XX messages are steamier but do not indicate you’ve dedicated to having sex with a man… Just yet. And XXX messages are the dirtiest of all and show that you’re serious about having sex with this guy.

These messages only hint at being dirty. They might be considered a bit more flirty or be overlooked by a person who is oblivious or busy, but they can also work if you are testing the waters. If he does decide up your meaning, he could fire back with his very own dirty text messages or even escalate.

Dirty Talks for Long Distance Relationships

Dirty Talk long distance boyfriend memes
  • It’s been so hard to focus at work/school today.
  • I am bored. Tell me what I need to do to amuse myself?
  • It is not that I can not stop thinking about you. Oh wait, that is precisely it.
  • Can I stop by for lunch?
  • Let us share secrets. There’s no doubt you are in a sexy kind of mood when you utilize these dirty text messages, and they’re less likely to be misconstrued. But you’re not breaking out the most explicit language… yet.
  • What is it called when you love sucking things? An oral fixation? Yea, I have this.
  • I am only thinking about the last time we had been together. It felt so good.
  • I want to understand the dirtiest fantasy you’ve ever had. I’ll tell you mine.
  • Send an image of 2 lingerie choices in your closet or a lingerie store, asking him to pick one.
  • What’s the best memory you have of us having sex? (You may also describe your own).
  • Sometimes I see you, and it’s like I’m out of control.
  • I’ve been planning what I will do to you in bed all week. I am going to blow the mind.
  • I bet I could make your squirm/moan/pant.
  • I slept well after I got home. We should do that more often.
  • Would you think I need to go commando tonight?
Dirty Boyfriend Quotes
  • Something will differ in my entire body when you visit me next. It’s your choice to locate it.
  • Name a body part, and I’ll send a picture of it.
  • I’ve been fascinated in fierce [or gentle, sensual, etc.. ] sex for so long as I could recall.
  • Let’s put in a mirror from the bedroom.
  • Sometimes just your kisses turn me on. I love it!
  • Would you think I make too much noise in bed? Next time we could try a ball gag.
  • [Send an audio recording of you masturbating] Guess what I am doing in this clip?
  • If you guess what I’m doing today, I will send you a photo of it.
  • I just want to spend all night with your body near mine.
  • You’re so skilled that you could teach lessons in sex!
  • You scream for ice cream; I shout for ____ (fill in the blank).
  • Do you understand the most sensitive part of my body?
  • If you FaceTime me right now, you’ll like what you see!
  • I found something that reminds me of us. Do you want to see it? [When he agrees, send him a porn clip or GIF]

Dirty Talking to Your Boyfriend quotes and messages

  • If we try roleplay in bed? I can’t think about how our bodies fit together.
  • Let us make a dirty movie tonight.
  • Have you ever wanted to have sex? What should we try next?
  • Is the tongue made from magic? I don’t understand how you do that.
  • [Send a nude with your breasts and genitals blacked out]. I’ll reveal to you the whole thing if you imagine the number I’m thinking! It’s between 1 and 10.
  • [Send a picture of the local adult video/bookstore or section].
  • I miss you in bed… and me.
Dirty Talking to Your Boyfriend Quotes
  • We ought to buy me a toy that I can use when we can not be together.
  • I can’t figure out whether I like you on top of me, under me, or alongside me. What do you believe?
  • I discovered this new site called the Bad Girls Bible, and I have so many naughty thoughts! There are so many (consult this manual )!
  • I know you’ve already had dinner, but what about dessert? I have not even had time to get dressed first!
  • I do not care if you rip my clothes into shreds if you undress me. I’d like it like that.
  • Everything I want right now: sleep, food, and sex. Except I don’t care about the first two.
  • Do you want to understand what I’m doing today?
  • Is it bad if I’ve masturbated now, and it’s not even noon?

XXX DIRTY Quotes For Your Boyfriend

Dirty  Quotes for your Boyfriend

The dirty text messages below are the dirtiest of this listing! There’s no playing coy. You want him, and he will know.

If you ship these to a guy, he might expect you to have sex with him. While you have bodily and sexual freedom, it is helpful to know how men might think if they get one of the text messages.

I was so loud when I had been thinking about you and masturbating. I expect no one overheard!

I can’t help but touch me when I think about you.

I don’t think I’ll have the ability to wait long enough to take all off my clothes another time we fuck.

I can’t wait until you’re stripping me out of my clothes, undoing every button, strap, and zipper, and doing whatever you want with my body.


Every time I fantasize about having sex, I envision you linking me up and having your way with me.

Send a nude photo/selfie.

Do you need to cum in my face/breasts/stomach next time I see you?

I’ll be wearing whatever you need and doing whatever you want me to when you receive home/come over.

I would like to see anyplace your cock will fit in my physique.

I dare you to rub the back of my throat with your cock.

Let’s try titty fucking tonight. (Know more about them ).

I love it when I’m bum up on the bed, and you are balls deep in me.

I bet you can fuck me much better than I fuck myself with my sex toy.

What kind of dirty talk do you like? I’d like to make your cock stone hard.

I love the way my pussy tastes onto your fingers… and cock.

Soon I’m going to offer you a surprise blowjob. You better be prepared. (Get blowjob tips)

I need you to spank me, Daddy.

My favorite sex position is when you ride me doggy style, and I must bury my face in the pillows to keep from crying so loud the whole block will hear.

I can’t think your thick penis fits inside me.

I wonder what you consider when I’m fucking you, my tits are bouncing on the mind, and I cum in your hard dick.

Sometimes I think of cum dripping out of your penis onto my body. I follow patterns in it on my skin.

Dirty Talking to Your Boyfriend memes

God, my pussy is so wet. I can’t wait until you get back and make me cum.

I only want to use your own body: the tongue against my clit as I grind on your head, your hands inside my pussy and rubbing my G-spot, along with your dick buried within me as I ride one to paradise.

I know you want to fuck my ass.

I’ve been wearing a butt plug in preparation for tonight.

Sometimes I am at work, and I am so damned horny that I squeeze my thighs together repeatedly until I can go home and jerk off. I wonder if anyone ever notices.

It was so hot when you’re explaining/fixing/teaching something. My panties were soaked when I took them off.

I am using that brand new toy you bought me.

I have been working on my blowjob skills. Can I test them?

I’ve been blessed with my workload/school today. Do you believe I deserve to be punished?

I wish you can feel the way I think when we have sex.

Can I practice my lap dancing skills on you?

I feel so amazing when I ride you. I hope it is right for you, also.

I know you’re at work, but you will need to visit the bathroom and think of me.

I’ll pay you to double your salary if you are home and fuck me silly.

You don’t have to masturbate tonight. I’ll play along with your dick for you.

I stopped by the supermarket on my way home and picked something up. You may eat off my entire body.

I am falling to my knees as soon as you walk to be ready to brace your self.

I just figured out the perfect safe word. Guess we have to check it out today.

8 o’clock. My bed. What you wear doesn’t matter.

Tonight, I will do all the work in bed.

When you get here, you can put your duffel on the ground and your cock in my pussy.

Should you’re here in 20 minutes, then I’ll do that thing you always ask about.

Ready if you are [send a photo of you ]

Occasionally I realize I have been stroking my phone just like it’s your dick.

I have made a mess in my panties, and you need to clean it up — along with your tongue.

The last guy who fucked me was so bad I had to think about you the whole time.

If you enjoyed studying these dirty text messages, but wish to learn my best dirty talking tips to build sexual tension, turn him on and keep him attracted to you, you’ll probably discover the advice I give in the dirty talking tutorial video to be incredibly beneficial. Enjoy!

If you’re searching for something a little more time, look at these sexy text messages. Not positive if you’re ready for this?

 Dirty Talking for Your Boyfriend Quotes

Dirty Talking to Your Boyfriend Quotes

1) Only because we’ve been talking about nasty text messages, it does not mean that you can’t send your man these types of words within an email or personal Facebook chat or IM.

2) you might be eager to start sending your guy all sorts of dirty text messages. However, my advice would be to test the waters with some tame notes to see if he is into it. When it’s clear he is, then you can proceed to send raunchier messages.

3) Remember that switching up it keeps things interesting. Even if you’re in a sexual relationship with the man, you don’t always need to send dirty text messages. In reality, it can find it somewhat dull. So mix it up with words that are flirtier or even more romantic to maintain his interest.

In the same way, you don’t want to be too predictable. At times you might message him on your break or lunch or whenever you get home from work. But you can switch this up with great Day texts or sending him a message when you are standing in line at the grocery store.

You want to be dirty, but you wish to do it suitably. You can swap “cock” for “manhood” or “pussy” for “vagina” if you do not usually use slang. And if you are not ordinarily dull about sexual things, you might not enjoy sending super explicit text messages.

You do not have to use primitive language only because it appears dirty. Just a little euphemism or innuendo works just fine — or else you might always trail off. Occasionally leaving something to his creativity will operate in your favor.

On the other hand, if you are a bit more reserved or polite, sending something kind of raunchy could be precisely the alluring surprise that gets his motor going.

5) Recognize that sending images — and even taking them — can be insecure. If your device or even storage alternative is hacked, somebody could see those pictures that you intended only for your partner.

But if you break up and feel bitter, he can talk about them with people on the Internet or even individuals you know. It may be safer to take photographs which don’t show your face identifying birthmarks or body alterations. But if you’re worried, it might be advisable not to make these kinds of photos in any way.


Dirty talking to your boyfriend quotes requires caution before you sending. Fine, itt may be sexy to send a steamy text when you know people surround him, but you do not want to do that if he throws his display in a meeting at work.

Some dislike being disrupted by messages during specific times, also. Figure out what he likes, which means that your messages are always welcome.

He can use his telephone’s Do Not Disturb mode or turn off message notifications when he does not wish to get distracted or have them pop up on his display.

Some messaging apps have a “black box” or private conversation attribute that ensures that no one but he sees these dirty messages you have sent. Make sure to stick to the rules for texting him the romantic dirty quotes.

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